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We do the research, so you can shop with assurance!

Our name is a play on the word "curate", which is what we do that makes us different from other supermarkets. We source thoughtfully with our customers in mind, and only from suppliers for products that align with our ethos: whether it's providing the best quality and value, introducing new flavours and ideas, or simply products that our experienced team believe will enrich people's lives. You won't need to go through a bunch of brands, overwhelming ingredient lists, and products.

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Curated For You

Our stores offer an all-rounded, one-stop experience, which ranges from your everday needs to exciting, artisanal products - so there's something for everyone, and every occasion. You'll find a variety of fresh and seasonal produce, locally made and imported artisanal goods, affordable home essentials, lifestyle products and so much more. We have our dedicated sections that offer the highest quality local and imported meats, seafood, non-halal products and alcohol selections. Our hands-on approach means that we're committed to getting our customers the best prices possible. We know that by supporting local farmers, small-scale production and sustainable practices, we can bring you the healthiest, all natural and nutrient-rich foods. Just like Mother Nature intended! Our aim is to inspire "greener" habits with our eco-friendly practices in stores - you can find a bulk foods section to buy exactly what you need to reduce wastage, an exciting variety of plant-based food options, as well as sustainable lifestyle products.

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Made by Qra

We take pride in creating things ourselves, and with a whole lotta love! Enjoy our freshly baked goods, delicious coffee, all natural juices and healthy takeawayfood at the Bakery and Grab & Go sections in our stores. Qra @ Arcoris is home to our very own cafe that serves nourishing meals and makes for a great hang out spot. In collaboration with Wholly Spirits, you can also visit Alcohail for a one-stop shop of all things spirits, beer and wine with a cozy bar for tipples.

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Distance Range Delivery + Handling Fee (RM)
Fees inclusive of RM2 handing fee charges
0 - 5km RM 9
5.1 - 10km RM 13
10.1 - 15km RM 15
> 15km Based on delivery partner rate + RM2 Handling Fee
* Fees applicable for qrafoods.com online orders only and may differ for other platforms*