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Bulk Order

When more, is more!

Our Refill Station has a vast variety of dried goods where you can bring your own containers to refill. Whether it’s nuts, grains, noodles, legumes or dried fruits you're stocking up on at our Refill Station, BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) is the way to go when doing your part to help save our Earth.

How it Works

1. Tare & Label

your container or use the paper bag provided page

2. Fill

scoop & fill into your container

3. Weigh & Label

Weigh your filled container/ bag on the weighing machine. Follow the steps on screen.

Qra Nut Butter

Freshly made in-house with no preservatives. Check out our range of nut butters.

Kombucha on the Tap

Enjoy ultra-fresh and extra cold kombuchas with Wild Kombucha on tap at all Qra stores.

Home & Personal Care

Made with natural ingredients, we offer a range of home & body care products.

Bulk Food

We stock a wide selection of pantry essentials from rice to ready-to-eat nut mix, baking ingredients and so much more.

Distance Range Delivery + Handling Fee (RM)
Fees inclusive of RM2 handing fee charges
0 - 5km RM 9
5.1 - 10km RM 13
10.1 - 15km RM 15
> 15km Based on delivery partner rate + RM2 Handling Fee
* Fees applicable for qrafoods.com online orders only and may differ for other platforms*